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Songwriter. Producer. Artist Manager and label representative. But most notably, guitarist. Mitch Merrett is just as passionate about playing the instrument now as he was when he received one as a gift for Christmas at 13 years old. 


It’s been a journey for Merrett to say the least. He’s spent time in nearly every sector of the music industry for over 20 years and in a lot of ways, he’s still finding fresh licks, new artists and chasing new entrepreneurial avenues. To compete in any area of an industry, you have to continue to learn and grow on a consistent basis, which to Merrett has always been a part of his success story and evolution of the journey. 


From the early years being influenced by Stevie Ray Vaughn and later with Pete Anderson’s playing style behind Dwight Yoakham, Merrett’s influences stretch far and wide across many genres giving him a well-rounded musical education. Merrett is also the graduate of the Music Theory program at Selkirk Music College and he’s the first to admit the learning never stops. 


With over 20 Canadian Music industry awards including multiple Canadian Country Music Association Awards, British Columbia Country Music Association Awards, as well as SOCAN Radio awards, Merrett has also received two certified gold singles for Chad Brownlee’s “Hate You For It” and Aaron Pritchett’s “Hold My Beer”. 


While wearing so many hats over the years, Merrett’s passion for guitar picking is still his first love and what fuels his fire for the love of creating music. Over the last 12 months, Merrett has been working on a solo project which will focus on instrumental tracks and guest vocalists on a blues project that is a new space for him to explore musically. 


Merrett adds, “It’s a daily journey to keep finding new and interesting guitar phrasing and tones…..and I love it!’ 


In 2020, Merrett also achieved his first #1 song as a writer with Tyler Joe Miller’s “I Would Be Over Me Too” hitting the top of the charts at Canadian country radio. 


Years of experience and adventures, yet Mitch Merrett still feels like he’s ready for whatever is around the next bend. 


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